This is what Your First Golf Lesson should have been

YourfirstgolflessonHaving been a golf teacher for most of the past 30 years, I have helped thousands of golfers to start the game, quickly improve their skills at the game or unfortunately, rather more commonly – enable them to continue to play the game of golf.

Instead of giving it up due to the massive frustration they had with the game!

Around 15 years ago, I began to recognize a pattern in the words and phrases that golfers were firstly believing to be ‘the way they should play’ and secondly, once I had figured out a way to explain why those things aren’t useful at all and address those issues in a logical sequence – I noticed that the speed of improvement that I was able to provide the golfers – was incredible compared to other traditional ideas and methods.

I initially wondered why this could be and after a lot of thought, decided that the reason that the golfers all seemed to be experiencing the same problems came back to the fact that the starting experiences of almost all golfers were very similar – as was the ‘helpful advice’ they had all received from the other golfers along the way.

In fact, it didn’t take long to recognize that there was a very consistent pattern of the way people are introduced and the information they are given to learn golf worldwide – one that ultimately leads to more people giving up in their first couple of years of starting, than continuing to play the game of golf or if they do manage to hang in there for a bit longer – one that effectively turns out ‘frustrated golfers’

Much like the character I have created for this book called Pete Norman.

A frustrated golfer on the verge of giving up the game, that he once found to be so much fun, away because of what he believed to be his own lack of skill and ability to play properly.

The book address those issues in that logical sequence I talked about earlier but as you will see, it does so in a way that is quite different to those traditional ideas and methods that you may have experienced by taking golf lessons elsewhere.

However, if simple to follow and easy to implement ideas, that will give you an almost breath-taking speed of improvement in your game is something that interests you – then I suggest that this is the book for you – as the title says:

This is what Your First Golf Lesson should have been!

You will find there are no pictures in the book to distract your mind but in order to fully understand most of the points covered I have outlined the exact physical experiences that I would get a golfer to do to help them learn the most effective ways of doing things.

The beauty of these experiences is that they can be done mainly without a club or a ball and in most cases you can do them wherever you may be reading this, not to mention the fact that the ideas inside – do not require thousands of hours of practice – so you can find them helpful whether you are a regular, casual or just an infrequent golfer.

In fact, a lot of golfers just start playing better straight away, simply as they understand more about what is important in the golf action and what is not so useful to attempt to do on every shot.

One final point about the content – you may notice that I use some words to describe parts of the game that are a little unusual – by the time you have read the whole book you will understand why.

Here’s a review of an early version of the book from a couple of years back:

5.0 out of 5 stars A different way to look at golf!

Hardie’s view is that we golfers are given misleading golfing instructional information, what he calls “public knowledge” and what Americans might know as Old Wives Tales. He goes through a number of them and it makes for interesting reading.

This has nothing to do with swing theory and there are no graphics showing arcs and all that like most golf instruction media presents, no new way to swing or complex moves to learn. It is quite the opposite of that and I found it helpful for me and got good results applying the ideas (or rather by not applying previously held ideas).

If a breath-taking speed of improvement in your game is something that interests you, then I suggest that this is the book for you because as the title says:

This is what Your First Golf Lesson should have been!


Now, here’s where things get a little tricky……………………..due to the time it takes to mess around with different publishing formats this book has actually been published with two different titles with the same content.


This book is currently available:

In PDF format here (This is what your first golf lesson you should have been)

As a paperback here (I could play golf when I first started)