The Little Book of Sand Shots

I’m not sure there is any other area of the game, where golfers give the variables of the shot they are about to play so little thought.

As they seem to do before heading into a sand trap to play a shot.

Which for most golfers, ultimately sees them paying a heavy price in terms of the disastrous  consequences that poor sand shots bring to their golf game.

More importantly, over time the amount of sand shots the golfer has ‘left in the sand’ begins to outweigh the amount of times that they actually ‘get out’ of the sand and as a result.

A relatively simple shot in terms of mechanics and effort required becomes a part of the game of golf that usually has most golfers mentally twisted up in knots and almost guarantees them a high score on a hole if they happen to end up in one of those hazards on the golf course that are called ‘sand traps’.

In fact, sand shots end up having such a mental grip on most golfers that as they walk up to play a shot out of a sand trap, they will generally have a feeling of either bewilderment, as they aren’t sure how they are going to get their golf ball out at all or a feeling of fear as no doubt, many previous attempts have been unsuccessful over the years and as a result.

They are almost paralyzed with those thoughts of not getting their golf ball out at all.

If that’s something that you experience on a regular basis, I’d suggest you get yourself a PDF copy of The Little Book of Sand Shots here.

Over the past few years, I have been offering a small group coaching workshop called The Sand Experience which over a 90-minute period guides the golfers along as they discover.

The basic action they need to develop to get out of the sand first time, every time.

What the main differences are in their wedges that allow them to play sand shots effortlessly.

How to adjust for different slopes, length and height sand shots.

How to get out of buried lies, hard sand and really soft sand.

How to create the confidence that you need to approach all sand shots with.

What to adjust to play from fairway sand traps.

The Little Book of Sand Shots is a collection of the most effective ideas that I present during that 90 minute long Sand Experience, which enable the golfers attending it to be confident that they can get themselves out of most sand traps in one shot, every time.

Yes, you read that right – one shot, every time!


Get yourself a PDF copy of The Little Book of Sand Shots here.

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