The Little Book of Putting

Putting is a part of the game of golf that an awful lot of golfers struggle with and as a result, most golfers don’t really enjoy putting – something that I find pretty surprising when you consider that physically, it’s the easiest part of the game of golf to actually do.

In fact, some golfers, if they were really honest – absolutely hate putting!

A bit of a problem when at least 40% of each rounds score is made up of putts?

My belief is that these problems stem from a lack of good information about just what is needed to putt when golfer’s first start playing the game because let’s face it – how many golfers will actually take a putting lesson before they can hit the ball?

This problem isn’t helped by a large percentage of the golf advice you will find on the internet, most of what you see on television, the big golf companies of the world and a fairly large number of the world’s golf teachers – who seem convinced that putting is a precise science that requires the putter to resemble something more like the space shuttle, with the golfer needing to have every minute movement in their action analysed to death by some whizz bang machine or computer.

I say hogwash to those ideas!

Good putting is not really a mechanical function and in fact, once you understand the basic principles – it really comes down to preparation, feel, belief, confidence and focus.

Something that most of the technological approaches seem to miss!

There are only basics in the game of golf, regardless of the level of golf that you play.

Reducing the number of putts you have in a round is the easiest and quickest way to reduce your scores, handicap and gain consistency in your game.

This book contains everything you need to know, to make that happen.

Over the years, I have played with plenty of golfers who constantly change putters, usually seeking to improve their game with the latest and greatest new putter model but after a while, their game invariably turns back to the usual performance and the golfer heads off to get another putter as this cycle repeats but no long lasting improvement is gained.

Most of them continue to waste one, two or more shots on each hole when putting, yet by understanding what to do and how to do it, along with a few minutes of doing it on a practice green each week – they could save a huge amount of shots each game.

Take a minute to think about your last game:

What your score would have been if you had holed every first putt you had?

Regardless of the level of golf that you play, I bet it would have been a lot lower than it was.

This book contains everything you need to know, to make that happen.


This book is available in PDF format here.