Simple Steps to Better Golf – Book Two

Simple Steps to Better Golf – Book Two is the second book in a series that covers the most effective information – according to the feedback that I have received from the readers of my website over the years.

If you haven’t already read it, you can find the first book ‘Simple Steps to Better Golf – Book One’ above.

When I went through the over 400 articles (at time of writing) that were in the archives of the Golf Habits website I noticed something interesting when I began to look at the viewing statistics.

Virtually every one of the articles that ranked highly in terms of views, were about things that I would have expected all golfers should already have known about.

I thought about that fact for a few days and finally figured out what was going on.

Most golfers around the world either don’t know enough about or are never told a bunch of stuff that they really need to know about golf, for a variety of reasons, when they start playing the game.

They get the standard ‘this is a driver, hold it like this, swing it a bit like this and hit it that way’ introduction that most golfers get on the first tee of a golf course and then they are expected to just pick all the rest up as they go along.

Very little other information is ever offered to most golfers and even less is sought out.

Sure, most golfers can tell you about what’s happening with the leaders on the PGA / LPGA / European Tour at the moment but the vast majority don’t really how to adjust some simple parts of their game to play well if it starts raining during their game.

I know which bit of information I think is of more use to the average golfer!

How about the fact that the vast majority of golfers play the game while wearing a golf glove (two for some) but if you asked them why that is – not many actually know how that benefits their golf game.

As you are about to find out there are a bunch more things that you probably don’t know about golf – that can really improve your game.


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