Simple Steps to Better Golf – Book Three

Simple steps to better golf – Book Three is the third book in a series that covers the most effective information – according to the feedback that I have received from the readers of my website over the years.

If you haven’t already read them – ‘Simple steps to better golf – Book One and Book Two’ can be found above.

You may notice while reading this book (and will definitely have noticed if you have read both of the first two books in the series) that each of the steps that I cover varies in length.

This is due to the fact that golf is an extremely wide ranging subject but not always, is the solution to most golfers problems a particularly difficult, technical or long one – more on that in the last chapter.

Every time that you read about and understand a step though, you will find yourself moving one step closer to being able to figure out the game of golf and most importantly, how you can get the most out of your own golf game.

The truth is, that there are still going to be a bunch more things that you need to know about golf, that you probably don’t yet but very soon, you will eighteen steps closer to getting there.


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