How to drive the golf ball as far as you possibly can

There are probably just about as many opinions about how to hit your golf ball further as there are golfers in the world but the reality is most of them either don’t work or if they do.

They only add a little distance and generally create massive slices for most golfers.

When most golfers want to hit the ball further they do things that instinctively seem like they would work like:

Tensing up and getting all ‘manly and aggressive’ ready to hit the ball so hard that if the cover stays on it – it’s going to be hit into next week sometime!

Then as they have heard that the best way to hit the golf ball further is to get the club moving faster, their entire swing gets faster.

The last thing they do is another thing that you would think was instinctively right – they take the club further back than normal on their back-swing the idea being that the further it has to come back to the ball – the more time they will have to generate speed and therefore hit the golf ball further.

Seems logical right?

It doesn’t actually work like that.

How to drive the golf ball as far as you possibly can – without buying a new driver or doing any exercises  – is a simple easy to follow step by step guide which will allow you to develop your driving by firstly providing you with an understanding of just what you need to do, then giving you a bunch of different experiences to apply to your game, all of which will allow you to develop your ability.

To drive the golf ball as far as you possibly can and before you start thinking this is all about elite level golfers who can already hit the golf ball ‘for miles’ and just want to hit it further again.

That’s not entirely correct either – as in actual fact, the golfers who can benefit the most from driving the ball as far as they possibly can are the golfers who hit the ball a relatively short distance compared to other golfers.

Now, you might be thinking that you are going to be able to figure out how to drive your golf ball much further and as a result lower your golf scores – for just a few bucks – which is a good thought!

However, the information contained in the book is effectively the content that I would deliver to a golfer over the course of four to five golf lessons – so a few bucks in return for the game changing information that’s inside the book – doesn’t seem very fair to me.

Not only that but the feedback that I have received about it, is that it’s been extremely effective in helping all sorts of golfers around the world to quickly transform their golf game by hitting their golf ball further – which is why the book is priced well above what most other golf books cost.

The question is – would you rather continue being frustrated with your lack of distance on the golf course or would you like to transform your golf game by driving the golf ball as far as you possibly can?


This book is currently available in PDF format here or as a paperback here.