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PGA Professional Ian Hardie is the creator of the website golfhabits.com

A professional golfer from the time he left school, Ian experienced some of the frustrations that many golfers do after returning to the game from a 10 year break away from golf.

In an effort to help himself enjoy his golf more and reach his true potential for more than a couple of shots or a few holes a round Ian began writing the website as a way of totally reviewing, questioning and re-learning – everything he knew (or thought he knew) about the game of golf.

The resulting website now has hundreds of articles on it and his simple and easy to understand advice is helping all levels of golfers around the world to improve their golf, play better and enjoy their game more.

Turning professional again in 2012, Ian began teaching golf again: ianhardie.net and has noticed that while a lot of things have changed in the game of golf over the years – a lot of quite important things – haven’t changed much at all.

The logical extension of that was to start writing golf books, as the larger format enables him to apply his unique understanding and insights of the game of golf, to delve more deeply into how to easily improve people’s games or simply solve their golf problems.

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